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ILI Pig Tracking

The United States has the largest network of energy pipelines in the world. With over 2.4 million miles of pipeline, ILI tool runs are crucial to ensuring the safety and reliable operation of our modern North American pipeline system, fueling our cities, homes and industry. Diamond Edge provides the technicians and equipment necessary for tracking both cleaning and ILI tools across a variety of terrain, anywhere in the United States.


On every inspection, we will ensure these key aspects are met to ensure a safe and efficient tracking run.

  • Qualified Personnel
  • Communication
  • Up front data
  • Proper number of personnel
  • Knowledge of marker boxes
  • Proper Equipment
  • ATV or helicopter use when needed


AGM’s (Above Ground Markers) are controlled survey points that are established in intervals along the centerline of the pipeline and normally serve as the locations for the tool tracking by means of placement of the AGM. Diamond Edge will use information from a variety of sources including line flow data, alignment sheets, data from previous runs, land owners, and terrain conditions to place only the most efficient and accessible AGMs. Properly setting AGMs before the run is key to a smooth and safe tracking run.

Anomaly Evaluation and Repair

Once an ILI tool has alerted the operator to some sort of damage or corrosion, the area must be physically verified and evaluated before repairs can be done. Diamond Edge provides a variety of solutions to evaluate areas damaged by corrosion on the pipeline identified by operators or ILI tools. Anomaly assessment is an crucial part of operating a safe and efficient pipeline. Diamond Edge Technicians will work with your company to safely and efficiently to evaluate ILI results with physical testing in the ditch.

Diamond Edge employs the following techniques in anomaly evaluation:

  • Electronic pit measurments
  • AUT corrosion mapping
  • Magnetic particle testing
  • Kappa or R-Streng reports
  • Sub-meter or sub-centimeter GPS

Anomaly Dig Staking

Digging up a pipeline is an expensive job. In order to maximize your budget and costs, its important to have accurate and precise locations for the beginning and end of the excavation.? Diamond Edge?s anomaly staking will be able to locate and identify anomaly features using dig sheets provided by ILI vendors or the operator. Diamond Edges will work with your team to accurately and quickly identify welds as well as the location of the anomaly all while delivering accurate sub-meter GPS locations in a formal report.

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